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Investment articles


Global stock markets seemed to have hit an all-time high with a bull run that is not showing signs of slowing down. Are we really in a bull market or simply at the end of the detour?


In times of crisis, it doesn't mean you should aim to time the bottom or wait for a rosy recovery in order to invest.


Find your way in a world of Global Fixed Income opportunities

- By Legg Mason Asset Management
3 Sep 2020

For Singapore investors looking to build a solid foundation, global government bonds could be a good place to begin. Find out why from Legg Mason Asset Management.


As the world emerges from health-related shocks of the pandemic, it is about to witness its economic and financial aftermath, how can investors balance between optimism and worry?


What makes a company resilient in a crisis?

- by Aviva Investors
4 Aug 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic hits global economies, equity investors are redoubling their focus on corporate resilience. But what does resilience mean in the current context - and which companies have it?


Portfolio Manager Interview

- by Joanna Ong, Investment Solutions Team, Eastspring Investments
6 Aug 2020

Eastspring Investments highlights the unique approach of its Asia Real Estate Multi Asset Income Fund and addresses challenges of investing against the COVID-19 backdrop.


With social distancing and low-touch being the "new normal" way of life, is technology still leading the way?


After a tumultuous first half with COVID-19 crashing the markets and with Fed coming to save the day, what is in store for investors in the second half of 2020?


Asia will continue to prosper, but investors must be discerning

- By Aberdeen Standard Investments
7 July 2020

Asia-Pacific stock markets are recovering as economies reopen, but the road ahead is fraught with risks. Read on to learn more from Aberdeen Standard Investments


Teach your children investing lessons that will last a lifetime if you haven't.


Safety in troubled times

- by Eastspring Investments
5 June 2020

With the outlook likely to remain overcast for some time, what options remain for investors? Find out from our experts at Eastspring Investments.


From market record highs to issues of humanity, is your portfolio prepared for what's to come? Find out in our market update.


With ESG investing gaining much traction among investors, is it all about social responsibility or is there more to it when it comes to investing?


As COVID-19 serves stark reminders on not taking our world for granted, our experts at Aviva Investors share how a responsible investment focus can help investors gain long-term regular income.


Could recent market rallies turn into a dead-cat bounce or are we in the start of a new bull market? Find out what happened to the global markets to avoid missing out any future potential gains.


Looking for defensive moves amongst the volatility? We hear from Eastspring Investments on how Singapore dollar (SGD) bonds can offer relatively stable returns in the current environment thanks to its defensive characteristics.


Fed moves can't erase economic uncertainty of coronavirus

- By Neil Dwayne, Global Strategist, Allianz Global Investors (written as of 17 March 2020)
8 April 2020

Our experts at Allianz Global Investors share how investors can add risk in undervalued sectors and adjust accordingly in the backdrop of a bear-market territory.


As we come to terms that the bull run has ended, find out how you can feel less sore and grab investment opportunities at a discount before the bull charges back to the market.


With the coronavirus reaching various peak infection levels across the world, find out if the worst is truly over for the markets and what lies ahead for your investments.


Investing during the COVID-19 outbreak: 4 topmost concerns

- By JPMorgan Asset Management
13 March 2020

As the world races to contain the spread of COVID-19, experts at JPMorgan Asset Management share what are the topmost concerns on investors' minds.


As the world battles COVID-19, how has it impacted the financial markets and economies around the world, and what lessons can investors learn from such uncertainties?


Mar 2020 Market Update

11 March 2020

Read about the latest insights that have been moving markets as COVID-19 continues to send shockwaves across the global economy.


Find out why COVID-19 is unlikely to be the last "black swan" event in your lifetime and how your investment portfolio can survive with the help of 5 useful tool kits.


The universe for yield has shrunk, what can an income investor do?

- By BlackRock Global Funds
14 February 2020

Find out what our experts at BlackRock have to say in the case for global and unconstrained income portfolios in a low-rate, volatile world.


February Market Update 2020

14 February 2020

Read about the latest insights that have been moving markets and what to expect for February 2020 in view of the recent novel coronavirus developments.


All REIT fans should have a read on this before deciding whether to directly own a REIT or invest in a REIT fund instead.


Start the year with some words of wisdom from Warren Buffett for some enlightenment on how you can manage your investment portfolio.


January Market Update 2020

15 January 2020

Read about the latest insights that have been moving markets and what to expect for January 2020.


Diversification has often been taken for granted by investors, but there is more to diversification than simply combining bonds and stocks. Find out how you can do it with a multi-asset strategy.


Read about the latest insights that have been moving markets as we wrap up for 2019 and what to expect for 2020.


Besides reducing your tax bill, have you also reviewed your investment portfolio and stock-take your finances? We've 4 easy steps for you.


Learn how actual investors maximised and grew their SRS funds through two practical investment strategies.


While reviewing your portfolio for the year, learn how much you can potentially save on taxes and plan ahead for your retirement.


Managing your income tax bill

- By Money Banter
19 Nov 2019

Filed your tax returns? Be sure to go through this handy checklist to help you manage your income tax bill more effectively.


Latest Market Update

19 Nov 2019

Read about the latest insights that have been moving markets as we approach the end of November.


Find out how you can lower your taxable income and pay thousands of dollars less in taxes, legally!


Latest Market Update

15 Oct 2019

Read about the latest insights that have been moving markets as we approach the end of October.


With gender equality at stake, what investment lessons can we learn from the ladies?


Learn from experts at Aberdeen Standard Investments on how investors can open up their portfolio to China's real potential with A-shares.


Beyond anti-ageing beauty products, are women also getting what they need to protect against certain female health concerns?


Latest Market Update

20 Sep 2019

Read about the latest insights that have been moving markets as we approach the last quarter of 2019.


With the coining of FAANG and BAT and as technology becomes a more integral part of our lives. Is it still a sector worth looking at? Read on.


Find out how investors can manage market volatility and take advantage of it by investing regularly through a Value Averaging Plan (VAP).


Looking for income and stability? Why investors need to expand their tool kit

- By Colin Graham, Chief Investment Officer, Multi Asset Solutions, Eastspring Investments
20 Sep 2019

Learn from experts at Eastspring Investments on how investors can expand their portfolio to achieve the twin goal of income and stability.


Quality, resilient Singapore stocks to shine despite a challenging milieu

- By Kenneth Tang, Senior Portfolio Manager, Asian Equity, Nikko Asset Management
20 Aug 2019

Despite facing a challenging macroeconomic backdrop, experts at Nikko Asset Management remain optimistic as they dig deeper into Singapore equities and how investors can take advantage of it.


Find out how the US-China trade war turmoil and aggressive rate cuts are implicating the global economy while still bringing in new opportunities.


Finally landed yourself a job after graduation but not sure what to do with all that money from your first pay check? Get it all sorted in our handy guide for all you freshies out there!


As Singapore celebrated its 54th birthday amidst a global economic slowdown, can investors still find value in Singapore equities?


Following a month of dismay in May, investor sentiments have improved markedly since June on the back of the positive outcome of the G20 summit in Osaka as well as hopes of a Fed rate cut in late July. Read more on what to expect in our market update for July.


Have idling SRS funds? Find out how you can put it to better use while earning dividends at the same time.


Worries over retirement income

- By Money Banter
15 Jul 2019

Working hard all your life does not mean you will have enough saved to enjoy your golden years. Read more about this phenomenon from our friends at Money Banter.


The first half of 2019 left investors with a mixed bag of emotions. With second half of the year left, read how the major markets across the globe fared and how should you, as an investor, position your portfolio.


Do you know what you can do with your hard-earned CPF monies? Learn all about the smart hacks to help you make the best out of it.


Amid low returns from "safe" bonds, look to Asian risk assets

- By Christiaan Tuntono, Senior Economist, Asia Pacific, Allianz Global Investors
13 Jun 2019

Read about how the positive macroeconomic news has an impact on the outlook of Asia-Pacific risk assets.


Low rates are back, so where do you turn in fixed income?

- By Mona Mahajan, US Investment Strategist, Allianz Global Investors
13 Jun 2019

With the low rates back now, read about where the investment opportunities are in fixed income.


To fight inflation, hunt for income

- By Neil Dwane, Global Strategist, Allianz Global Investors
13 Jun 2019

Investment income provides many benefits - including guarding against inflation - but today's "safe" bonds may offer no or ultra-low returns. Find out how you can "hunt for income" from our experts at Allianz GI.


European Equities: A good time to start buying?

- By David Hollis, Investment Director, Global Asset Allocation, Eastspring Investments
15 May 2019

European equities may rally strongly in the near term, fuelled by improving macro indicators, attractive valuations and low investor exposure. While nimble investors can take advantage of this rally, we caution that the Eurozone's structural problems are likely to continue to weigh on the region's growth and inflation, limiting the market's upside potential over the longer term.


Should you wait and see or buy on dips? Find out how the markets fared in our May update.


Learn how you can generate a stream of passive income for things that matter to you on different stages of life.


Are recent positive market sentiments going to last into the second quarter? Find out if you should be optimistic or cautious about it.


Learn how you can make your portfolio less vulnerable to market volatility with 3 simple steps. Find out how.


Welcome to the Real China Bond Market

- By Peter Ru, Senior Portfolio Manager of Emerging Markets Debt and Ian Chong, Portfolio Manager of Emerging Markets Debt, Neuberger Berman
11 April 2019

China's onshore bond market liberalizes further, offering more exposure to China's transition. Find out how.


The rise of China's bond market

- By Virginie Maisonneuve, Chief Investment Officer and Low Guan Yi, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income, Eastspring Investments
11 April 2019

China bonds will become an important component of global bond portfolios following its upcoming inclusion into global bond indices. Find out more.


Missed our Q1 market outlook seminar? Get key highlights on macro events and the markets as we wrap up for the first quarter.


Do you know 1 in 2 Singaporeans are predicted to suffer from diabetes by the age of 70? This number may potentially get even younger. Find out why.


On my mind: The Fed will hike again - because it can

- By Sonal Desai, Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income
28 February 2019

While the financial markets seem to be betting on a very extended pause in the US Federal Reserve's multiyear tightening cycle, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group Chief Investment Officer Sonal Desai has another idea. Here, she makes the case that interest-rate hikes may still be on the table this year. Read on to find out.


Don’t let behavioural biases affect your investment

- By Money Banter
28 February 2019

Have your personal behaviour biases affected your investment decisions? Read on to find out how you can tackle them!


Be in the know on the major macro events happening in 2019 to help you keep a close watch on the financial markets.


Emerging-Market Debt: Going into the New Year with more realistic prices

- By William Ledward, Nicholas Hardingham, Robert Nelson and Stephanie Ouwendijk, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group
13 February 2019

Experts at Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group take a closer look at the EM debt and find that valuations now look attractive while EM bonds generally weakened in 2018. Read on to find out more.


The next frontier: Climate change

- By Virginie Maisonneuve, Chief Investment Officer and Kimberly Ang, Responsible Investment Specialist, Eastspring Investments
11 February 2019

Find out how China's transition to a green economy has profound implications for green finance and responsible investing.


2018 has seen significant market volatility. Stock prices and corresponding indices have risen gradually only to dip sharply, leaving investors uncertain about the future. In times like these, what should you do to get some returns? Read on to find out.


With a volatile 2018 just over, will 2019 be faced with more challenges and investment opportunities? Read the outlook to learn more.


Investing doesn't always have to cost a lot. Get some tips on how you can get started with a small sum to build your wealth.


The market may be filled with uncertainties and volatility but it's also important to stay calm in your investment decisions, our latest Q4 Market Outlook have more insights for you. Read on to find out.


Multi asset investing: The importance of staying active

- By Jason Hepner, Senior Portfolio Manager, Multi Asset Solutions, Eastspring Investments
13 November 2018

Find out how investors can look to a multi asset strategy to help buffer against potential market dislocations while capturing new investment opportunities that emerge.


Equity market setbacks are normal

- By Neil Dwane, Global Strategist, Allianz Global Investors
13 November 2018

The recent US equity market setback seems to be little more than a wobble. Find out where we are now and what approach investors should take as we get later in the economic cycle.


Want to take your retirement planning further? Learn how you can start building your Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) funds and maximise them. Find out how.


Read our handy guide on all you need to know about unit trusts.


One out of every four parents have not started saving for their child's college education. Are you one of them? Read on to learn how you should be saving smartly for your child's fund.


Our fund partners, BlackRock and Wellington on behalf of UOB Asset Management share their market insights for second half of the year in part 2 of our market outlook series.


We've summarized key highlights from our fund partners in a two-part series where they share their market insights for the second half of the year. Read on for part 1 from PIMCO and Lion Global Investors.


Find out how you can achieve your goals with a disciplined savings plan.


Have idle or excess cash lying around but don't know what to do with it? Read on to find out how.


Are properties the only way to financial freedom and building a steady stream of passive income? Read on to find out.


Are index funds one of the best investments as claimed by Warren Buffett? Read on to find out.


Volatility has made a comeback. Given still healthy market fundamentals, low volatility strategies can help investors stay invested while minimising the volatility in their portfolios.


History shows that investing during periods of market volatility can be uncomfortable in the short term but rewarding over time. Read on to find out how long term investors can take advantage of periods of market volatility.


All investments carry a degree of risk and subject to market volatility. Learn all about what volatility means.


Investing into actively managed funds may not be as expensive as you think and there are good reasons why. Read on to find out.


Three reasons to get active

- By Greg A. Meir, Strategist, US Capital Markets Research and Strategy, Allianz Global Investors
11 July 2018

Find out how active managers outperformed their passive peers during the two most recent major market downturns - a key consideration as today's abnormally long cycle winds down.


Do you know how different sectors of the market interact with each other and how it can help in smarter portfolio allocation strategies? Read on to find out.


As we move into the second half of 2018, how will the markets look like and how should you position your portfolio in this mature bull market? Read on to find out.


How much does it really cost to ensure your child's education needs are covered? Read on to find out.


By regularly investing a fixed amount, investors can gain market exposure while limiting their downside risk and market volatility to build long-term wealth. Read on to find out why.


Are there more room for growth and opportunities in the Asian market space despite the recent market uncertainties? Find out from our fund partners in this second part of the market commentary.


How will US Fed rate hikes affect yields? What strategies should investors adopt during these times of uncertainties? Find out in part one of a market commentary on market expectations as well as opportunities and risks that investors should look out for.


April proved to be a mixed month for equities as investors grappled with the lingering trade dispute between China and the US and rising political tensions in the Middle East, and by the end, Developed Markets outpaced Emerging Markets. Find out more in a market commentary from Eastspring Investments.

Market Outlook Q2 2018

Will the roar of market tensions tame global growth?

Global investment outlook Q2 2018 views
May 2018

The first quarter of 2018 started like a lamb but went out like a lion as long-dormant volatility began to roar. Franklin Templeton’s senior investment leaders weigh in.

Market Outlook Q2 2018

Find out more about how the markets are doing along with recent political developments in a Second Quarter update. Read on to find out what this means and what to look out for when investing.


Franklin Templeton shares some quick tips on creating an investment portfolio and essentials of investment management.

Mainstreaming ESG Investing in Asia

Mainstreaming ESG Investing in Asia

- By Virgine Maisonneuve, Chief Investment Officer, Eastspring Investments
17 Apr 2018

A recent study found overwhelming support for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing, citing benefits in the form of superior risk adjusted returns and lower cost of capital. Longer term, those companies which choose not to uphold ESG standards are unlikely to thrive and perhaps even cease to exist. Read on for the full story from Eastspring Investments.

Making the most of your bonus

For salaried employees, you might have just received your annual bonus or AWS. How are you planning to spend it? Instead of blowing it all on a single extravagant purchase, we'd like to suggest these 5 steps you can consider, to make the most of it.

Market Outlook

First Quarter 2018 Investment Outlook

- By Frank Troise, guest writer
20 Mar 2018

Our guest writer, Frank, gives his take on the investment outlook for 2018 as part of a First Quarter update. Read on to find out what this means for 2018 and what to look out for when investing.


It seems that when it comes to living longer, it's the men who don't get it. But what does it take to finance this longer life and are women well-prepared?

Market Outlook

Are you considering to invest into fixed income or equities at this point? Hear from Lion Global Investors and J.P. Morgan Asset Management on what they think about the opportunities in fixed income and China equities.

Keep calm and be patient!

The recent market plunges caused some fears and panic among investors with more signs pointing to a market correction as it unfolds. Amidst the uncertainties also come with opportunities that investors can leverage at the same time. We have experts at Eastspring Investments and UOB Asset Management to answer some of the most pressing questions and what it means to us.

The Inflation Tantrum - Part II

Read the second edition of "The Inflation Tantrum" where Eastspring Investments tells us more about how the release of January's wage growth data triggered February's inflation induced selling.

The Inflation Tantrum

The Inflation Tantrum

08 Feb 2018

Read about Eastspring Investments's views on how the recent quick turnaround in US equities suggests that the steep decline was probably just an inflation tantrum. The correction on 5 Feb appears to have been triggered by stronger than expected US jobs data and a jump in wages, prompting concerns that inflation is picking up and that interest rates will rise faster and further than anticipated.

Beat the Market with Asset Allocation

If your investment goals have changed recently, you may need to reallocate assets in order to realign your investment strategy. Read more about how you can do it.

Singapore FinTech Festival

What the Singapore Fintech Festival taught us

- By Frank Troise, guest writer
06 Dec 2017

Royalty, business leaders and the odd maverick (data) scientist debated AI, Block chain, Financial inclusion and the future of financial services at the biggest and boldest conference so far.

Time to compare investment opportunities

Time to compare investment opportunities for the year end

- By Frank Troise, guest writer
06 Dec 2017

Frank channels 20 years of investment experience in this article, with all important hints and tips as you prepare for the end of 2017.

10 habits of highly effective investors

10 habits of highly effective investors

- By Frank Troise, guest writer
06 Dec 2017

Imitation can mean more than just flattery when its about making more money. Listen and learn from the experts!

Should you invest on your own or use a professional? Here are the pros and cons of each method

Read about the insights on current financial events and trends from around the world. Topics covered in the October issue include:

  • Global View - Key findings from the New York Investment Forum
  • Perspective on the US - To capitalize on disruption, try the '3 Vs'
  • Expect more rules and less discretion from the 'New' Fed
  • Grassroots research - Survey of US consumers sheds light on 'Generation Z'

Should you invest on your own or use a professional? Here are the pros and cons of each method

Read about the insights on current financial events and trends from around the world. Topics covered in this month's issue include: North Korea raises the Geopolitical Temperature and how a New Study shows investors face a Risk-Return Conundrum.

Should you invest on your own or use a professional? Here are the pros and cons of each method

When it comes to investing, diversification is key to protecting and growing your long-term wealth. Besides investing in diverse industries and within different companies, investors can also look to invest in economies outside of Singapore.

Should you invest on your own or use a professional? Here are the pros and cons of each method

In the past few months or even years, many of you may have read or heard about China's "One Belt, One Road" (OBOR), or "Belt and Road Initiative" (BRI), to connect over 65 countries and 4.4 billion people across three continents. Many news reports and online commentaries have also focused on this topic, with divided opinions.

Should you invest on your own or use a professional? Here are the pros and cons of each method

You want to put your money to work in the financial markets to receive a higher return. However, you may be unsure on what you should invest in, or what to even look out for in the various types of investments out there.

Should you invest on your own or use a professional? Here are the pros and cons of each method

Today, investors have easier access to investments and market information. With just a few simple clicks of your mouse, you can invest into almost any asset class or retrieve real-time information on the market to monitor your portfolio and assess your investment decisions.

Investors rush into emerging Asia and Asia high dividend stocks

Emerging Asian equities have stormed into 2017, having lagged other emerging markets throughout 2016 despite some attractive valuations.

Here's how 4 popular country indexes performed in 2016

Country indexes serve as important indicators for the health of the countries economies. In Singapore, you would logically look to the Straits Times Index (STI) as a gauge of how well the state of the local economy is in. Likewise, other countries have their own indexes.

Defensive or aggressive portfolio - which one suits you best

2017 is shaping up to be a year of heightened uncertainties in major economies, and the World Bank projects a marginal uptick in global growth to 2.7% from last year. Further, this growth forecast has yet to account for any potential fallout from global policy shifts in major economies.


Have you made your new year's resolutions yet? It's OK if you haven't, or if you have already broken any of them. Resolutions are merely a statement of intent.


Emerging markets is the sexy buzzword in the investing world. The promise of higher returns, exciting growth potential, and fantastic bar stories, is enough to convince many of the need to get in on the action.


Ever fancied yourself as a football manager? Maybe you thought you could do better when you saw Mourinho substituting Fellaini on to defend a winning position or when Arsene Wenger refused to splash the cash on a star striker yet again or even when Pep Guardiola rested Sergio Aguero against Barcelona? Investing could be much like managing your own football team.


A few years ago it would have seemed bizarre to talk of deglobalisation.But at seven years and counting, we are currently experiencing the longest period of stagnation in the pace of global economic integration in over 70 years.


Augmented reality

23 Oct 2016

Find out how the experts at Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Limited sees the challenges and opportunities of investing in a world shaken up by the unexpected return of political risk in developed economies.


Prospective investors are advised to read a fund prospectus carefully before applying for any shares/units in unit trusts. The value of the units and the income from them may fall as well as rise. Unit trusts are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Investors investing in funds denominated in non-local currencies should be aware of the risk of exchange rate fluctuations that may cause a loss of principal. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. dollarDEX is affiliated with Aviva but dollarDEX does not receive any preferential rates for Aviva products as a result of this relationship. Unit trusts are not bank deposits nor are they guaranteed or insured by dollarDEX. Some unit trusts may not be offered to citizens of certain countries such as United States. Any advice herein is made on a general basis and does not take into account the specific investment objectives of the specific person or group of persons.

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