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Have you made your new year’s resolutions yet? It’s OK if you haven’t, or if you have already broken any of them. Resolutions are merely a statement of intent.


Emerging markets is the sexy buzzword in the investing world. The promise of higher returns, exciting growth potential, and fantastic bar stories, is enough to convince many of the need to get in on the action.


Ever fancied yourself as a football manager? Maybe you thought you could do better when you saw Mourinho substituting Fellaini on to defend a winning position or when Arsene Wenger refused to splash the cash on a star striker yet again or even when Pep Guardiola rested Sergio Aguero against Barcelona? Investing could be much like managing your own football team.


A few years ago it would have seemed bizarre to talk of deglobalisation.But at seven years and counting, we are currently experiencing the longest period of stagnation in the pace of global economic integration in over 70 years.


Augmented reality

23 Oct 2016

Find out how the experts at Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Limited sees the challenges and opportunities of investing in a world shaken up by the unexpected return of political risk in developed economies.


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