Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ | dollarDEX
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Frequently asked questions

Navigator Investment Services Ltd provides custodial services to investment clients of dollarDEX, among other FAs. These services include handling of your payments and holding of your units. Navigator Investment Services Ltd is a Singapore firm licensed by MAS. dollarDEX is a trademark licensed for use by Navigator Investment Services Ltd. Navigator Investment Services Ltd is a subsidiary of Aviva Group Holdings Limited.

Due to the relationship, you will also be automatically issued with a Navigator account. You can access your Navigator account thru AvivaOnline (AOL). However, all transactions will still have to be completed on dollarDEX website.

We offer2 cut-off times, at 9.30am and at 2pm on each trading day.

For cash payments deadline:

- DBS Bill Payment: Payments made before 11.30pm will be accepted the next working day.
- Online funds transfer by FAST: Payments received by 1.30pm will be accepted on the same working day.
- Cheques over counter by 9am will be accepted on the same working day.

Uncleared basis will be up to S$100,000 per client on a single day. USD cheques will always be on cleared basis and require 2-3 working days to clear.

For all investments, trades will be processed only after payment is received. Price for your trades will be reflected 2 days later. For trades placed before 9.30am, you will have to make payment before 1.30pm to secure the same days price. For trades placed before 2pm and payment is made before 1.30pm, you will be able to secure the same days price. CPF/SRS transactions will be performed only after successful collection of funds from your CPF/SRS accounts typically 3 days after you perform your trades.

Do note that you will not be able to cancel your order after our cut-off times at 9.30 am and 2pm from Monday to Fridays.

  • money market funds / cash account T+2
  • bonds funds T+4 to T+6
  • equity funds T+6

Where T is the trading day and the number of days refers to business days.

You can request for cash withdrawals during redemption if you will like to have your proceeds returned to your nominated bank account. If you haven't nominated an account you will be reminded to do so when you ask for a withdrawal. A nomination can be done by submitted the completed form ( and you only need do this once..

You will receive your redemption proceeds within 2-4 working days. For cash redemptions, you will receive the proceeds in your nominated cash account. For CPF OA redemptions, your proceeds will be credited to your CPFIS Investment Account. For CPF-SA and SRS redemptions, your proceeds will be credited in your associated account.

Bank charges may apply for direct credit of redemption proceeds in USD.

If you need to cancel an untransacted Invest, Sell or Switch order you may be able to do so using your Account Activity page. Invest orders that have no matching payment are automatically cancelled after 21 days.

An untransacted order is one that:

  • has not been paid for already and/or
  • has not been sent to the fund manager or custodian*

If you need to modify an untransacted buy, sell or switch order you will need to cancel it and re-submit a new order. If you need to cancel a transacted buy order you might be able to cancel it if the fund allows a 7-day cancellation period. However, you will have to bear all market losses.
* Sent at a cut-off time on a business day, multiple cut-off times apply

Switch consists of a sell transaction of your switch out fund and a buy transaction of your switch in fund. The sell and buy will be processed sequentially i.e. the sell transaction has to be completed before the buy transaction can be performed.

As Navigator is the custodian to your investments, they will be responsible to receive any payment for your transactions.
You can pay for your cash investments by cheque, funds transfer and bill payment.For CPF/SRS investments, we will request the withdrawal from your agent bank/CPF board once your investments are placed with us. We only accept CPFIS-OA, CPFIS-SA, SRS, and GIRO for RSP (Regular Savings Plan). You cannot pay for RSPs using other methods such as cheque or internet banking. Please indicate your Navigator Plan number on all payment modes so that we can verify your payment quickly. Unidentified payments will delay your trades.

All cheque payments should be made to: Navigator Trust Account. Clients should write the Navigator Investment Plan Account number (i.e. in format NV9999999-999 displayed during purchase and in the confirmation email), client's name and NRIC number on the back of the cheque. Cheques should be sent to:

Navigator Trust Account
4 Shenton Way
SGX Centre 2 #01-01
Singapore 068807

If you are sending a cheque issued by a third party or transferring from a 3rd party account who is not one of the account holders at dollarDEX, please furnish via your registered email address the following to validate the 3rd party payment -

  1. Copy of payor's NRIC
  2. Declaration of relationship to payor, and reason for the 3rd party payment

Cheques can also be submitted in person to the cashier at SGX Centre 2 from 8.45 am to 5.30 pm, Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays. For USD cheques, they will be cleared within 2-3 business days.

Please note that SGD25 will be charged for the following:

  • Insufficient funds eg: bounced cheques, bounced deductions from CPF or GIRO
  • Unidentified or mismatched funds, typically because you did not indicate the Navigator plan number (starting with "N") in your transfer or on your cheque

For telegraphic or wire transfers from overseas please use the following:

Bank Name : DBS Bank, Singapore
Bank Account Name : Navigator Trust Account
Bank Account Number : 003-900931- 3
Swift Code : DBSSSGSG


Citibank N.A., New York (Swift ID: CITIUS33)
For account of: Citibank N.A., Singapore (Swift ID: CITISGSG)
Favoring: Beneficiary Name: Navigator USD Trust Account
Beneficiary Account No.: 0-850570- 043 (USD)

Ensure the following information reaches Navigator (investors may email it to

  1. Investor's name
  2. Investor's NRIC OR passport number
  3. Navigator account Number
  4. Amount transmitted (amount received must be the investment amount as indicated in the invest form, after bank charges/exchange conversions)
  5. Date of transmission

Please complete the GIRO form here.

Navigator, our custodian, will initiate payment by requesting your bank to debit your account after receiving the completed form. It takes up to 4 weeks to set it up. Once set up, GIRO deductions take up to five working days, and are not available for ad hoc investments. They are only used for regular savings plans (RSPs).

Use the RSP/GIRO settings page to check whether your GIRO has been activated. You will see something like "N1234567 Single Cash. GIRO established on 27/Jan/2011."

Please transfer the funds to one of these accounts and indicate your Navigator plan account as the reference number.

Payee Name: Navigator Trust Account
DBS Current Account No. 003-900931- 3
Bank Code: 7171 Branch Code: 003
Payee Name: Navigator Trust Account
Payee Account Number: 0-850570- 019
Bank Name: Citibank
Bank/Branch Code: 7214 001

Payee Name: Navigator USD Trust Account
Payee Account Number: 0-850570- 043
Bank Name: Citibank
Bank/Branch Code: 7214 001

After redemption, we will proceed to liquidate your selected holdings and the proceeds will be sent to your nominated bank account for cash holdings. If you purchased the funds using CPF/SRS, proceeds will be returned to your agent bank/CPF account.
If you have not nominated a bank account or need to change it use this form. All bank accounts nominated is required to have a Singapore branch. Do note that you have to be one of the account holders and we do not accept withdrawals to 3 rd party accounts. Bank charges may apply for direct credit of redemption proceeds in USD.

You will need to first open an account with us before you can start a VAP program.
First youll have to create the "payment source by placing an online Invest order and make payment for one of the three cash management funds below:

  • Fullerton SGD Cash Fund A
  • Philip Money Market Fund
  • Lion Global Money Market Fund

Unlike RSP, VAP will deduct money from one of these funds (not by GIRO or any other form of payment). VAP investments are actually perform by a switching from the Cash Fund. Note that funds 1 and 2 in the list above provide T+1 switching.
Once you can see the Cash Fund in your portfolio statement after investing, you should then proceed to set up VAP. Do this by going to fund finder to select the unit trusts you want the VAP to invest into.

  • Check that your existing unit trust funds can be transferred to dollarDEX byclicking here.
  • Make sure you have an active dollarDEX investment account to transfer funds into. If not, you will need to open an account with us to begin.Click here to open an account
  • Email with your latest statement of holdings, NRIC(front &back)/passport details and dollarDEX account number
  • Well complete the necessary forms and mail them back to you for your signature.
  • Once signed, send the forms back to us in the return envelope provided.

  • Send forms to:
    Service Team
    dollarDEX Investments
    4 Shenton Way #01-01 SGX Centre 2
    Singapore 068807

You (as the transferor) may write-in with a signed request, using this template, to transfer all the holdings from your single to joint cash plan account. Both main and joint applicant's signatures are required as the transferee. Note however that the profit and loss report for the new plan will not be meaningful and representative, since transfer of holdings is done at prevailing prices. Further, the old plan will terminated.

You can convert your Cash Plan from an existing joint account to a single account by submitting a written request, that indicates the new single owner and the Navigator Plan Number, with both owners' names, NRIC numbers, signatures and date.

You can convert your Cash Plan from an existing single account to a joint account by submitting the following documents:

  • Written request, that indicates Navigator Plan Number and the new and existing account holders' names, NRIC numbers, signatures and date.
  • Account Opening form with new joint account holder.
  • Copy of NRIC/passport of the new joint account holder.

You may submit the Change of signature form to update your signature in our records. Please mail us the original form to Navigator Investment Services Ltd.
If you are unable to remember your signature in our records you may go to Aviva Customer Service Hall at 4 Shenton Way #01-01 SGX Center 2 with your NRIC/passport for verification purpose. Office hours:Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.30pm. Closed on public holidays.

Soft copies of confirmation certificates, statements, fund notifications, and other documents, are sent to clients' secured mailbox on AvivaOnline (AOL)

You may either opt for e-mode via AOL, or use the amendment form.

  • Amendment form

    • Print, sign and post original copy to Navigator. Select to receive electronic versions of Navigator communications under Section 7.

  • AvivaOnline

    • Login to AvivaOnline and Select "My account".
    • Select "Notifications" tab.
    • Under Type of Notification - Confirmation Certificates & Investment Statements for Navigator (Hard Copy), further expand the menu by clicking the "+" sign beside "Show Plan setting".
    • Uncheck the checkboxes under "Via Hard Copy" for the desired Plan Account(s).

  • If your login is inactive, you may perform a reset via AvivaOnline, and receive the ID/password via your registered email address.