The dealing basis tells you when your fund is transacted relative to when all conditions for transacting (for example, payments have been received) have been satisfied. Most funds are transacted at T+0 (same day) but others may be T+1 or T+2, which means they would be transacted one or two business days later, respectively.

To determine when your order will be transacted you should also take note of the Price frequency. Most funds are priced daily, but if, for example, your fund is priced Monthly your order will not be priced until the next price date.

Price frequency and Dealing basis are shown on the fund summary page for each fund. Some funds may have a different dealing basis for redemptions and subscriptions.

Exceptions to the above include offshore funds, non-SGD denominated funds and funds for accredited investors. In those cases the subscription date is determined by the value date that the offshore counterparty receives funds from dollarDEX or its custodian. This could be several days or even weeks after client money reaches dollarDEX or its custodian.

Important: None of these timings is guaranteed and should not be relied on for any market timing. Variations will occur beyond those described here.

Price frequency: Daily, Dealing basis: T+0. This fund is priced every business day, and will be executed the same day (once payment received and any other conditions satisfied).
Price frequency: Monthly, Dealing basis: T+0. This fund is priced once a month, and will be executed on the next available monthly price (once payment received and any other conditions satisfied). If you just miss this month's price you may need to wait as long as 4 weeks till the next price day.
Price frequency: Daily, Dealing basis: T+1. This fund is priced every business day, and will be executed the next business day (once payment received and any other conditions satisfied).

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We hear you and take your comments seriously. This new facelift encompass feedbacks from our valued clients and an improved navigation to make your investing experience a better one. We have moved some things around so if you can’t find them at where they used to be, this guide should be able to help you. If you still faced problems, please call us at 6220 7890 or email us at

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