Why get advice from us

Often clients don't know how to structure a portfolio, cannot assess risk properly, or have little knowledge of suitable products. Or perhaps they have an idea, but just want a second opinion.

That's where we can help. We have always limited our practice to the one area where we consistently excel -- wealth management. We do not provide custodial, banking or other services that might dilute our advisory capabilities.

Here are a few reasons to consider the advisory services we offer.

  • Advice - timely and conveniently. Our advice is personalised to you, is delivered online and does not require you to visit our office. You can receive it once, ad hoc or on a regular basis. Your risk appetite and investment objectives are stored in your account profile, and the report we produce for you is accessible online.
  • Objective analysis. We use an established and sophisticated framework for long-term investing, based on solid financial engineering principles. Our use of advanced risk management techniques helps to improve your long-term returns without your incurring unnecessary risks. We translate these complex models into understandable implementation plans using our recommended products. Importantly, it lets you know your portfolio risks.
  • Correct incentives. Very importantly, none of our advisers has a sales quota, or earns commissions. All use the same standard, objective framework for recommendations. This means there is no pushing of unsuitable products or inconsistency in advice. We aim to do what is best for you, even if it sometimes means that you don't invest, or you buy products that earn less for us.
  • Qualified and licensed specialists. All our representatives are individually licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Our advisers have extensive experience in financial services, even in positions advising senior staff in other financial institutions. Our representatives are well-qualified and some have studied at world-class universities, such as MIT or NUS RMI.
Comments on our Private Client service:

"In a perfect world, all investors would have access to financial advisers they trusted for portfolio guidance...dollarDEX, formed in late 1999 for investors in Singapore, has an Online Adviser feature at www.dollardex.com...Once enough information is gathered, simulations are run through a computer model, and a live adviser provides specific recommendations on things to buy and sell in the portfolio."
A guide to some of the best online investment-management tools, Asian Wall Street Journal, June 2003.

"Research by dollarDEX Investments has thrown up a few of these lessons: One, adding just a small portion of bonds to a portfolio can reduce the risk of your investments, without lowering returns...Two, the CPF Special Account is 'highly attractive' under current conditions. Most conservative investors would do better to top up their accounts rather than invest it. The SA pays 4 per cent, risk-free...Most investors have very inefficient or highly risky portfolios of thematic funds. Rebalancing - which is likely to involve the painful process of realising a loss by selling an investment - will go a long way to control risk and help them sleep better."
Doing a rebalancing act, Business Times, June, 2003.

How do I pay for advice?

All advice must be paid for with a credit card.

How do you deliver the advice?

Advice is delivered online through reports, and we can follow up with you by phone and email. Our business model is to keep costs low as we believe cost control is a critical part of smart investing. As such, we do not offer face-to-face advice, and we do not have a branch network like a traditional bank. While this may not suit everyone, many prefer to avoid unnecessary fees.

How much does the advice cost?

Please refer to pricing scheme for investments for the latest charging structure.

How do I subscribe to the advice services?

Simply request for the advice using this page. You can pay for a single report, or subscribe to a package of reports (and enjoy discounts).

How may I try out the advice services?

A personalised portfolio construction and recommendations report is available at no charge for first-timers. You may request for advice online.