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Select switch out fund
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Select switch in fund
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Complete declaration
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Review order and confirm
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Order completed
what to do Select the switch out fund by clicking on a 'Switch' button below
  • Generally, deal date is 3-5 business days later for buy leg regardless of the funds you are switching to and from. For more details see FAQ: When I switch, what happens and when?
  • Completion of buy leg is not guaranteed if the fund becomes unavailable or is closed during the time to effect the switch.
  • Funds under the same manager umbrella do not have same deal date.
  • See what the switching fees are in advance by using show switch fee
  • Existing users - sign in please sign in to see what you have first.
  • New users - this is for users who have invested via dollarDEX. If you had invest through other distributors, please contact us and we'll see if we can help.