How much life insurance do I need?

This tool gives you an estimate of your life insurance shortfall, based on the present value of future income and other needs.

How many years do you need cover?
This could be the period until your dependants are adults.
How much income do you want to protect?
Typically your monthly net salary.
Investment return on the insurance payout:
The return is the real rate above inflation. We suggest a very conservative return of 1-3%.
Current assets for self-insurance:
Assets that could be liquidated quickly in an emergency.
Current life cover over the above period:
Total of your current whole or term life insurance.
Outstanding loans:
If you want to settle loans with the insurance payout include the amount here.
Emergency costs:
These are for immediate expenses.

By clicking this button you acknowledge the result is an estimate only and your personal situation may differ from the model used in this tool.