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Do you have extra-marital investments?
Have you invested in unit trusts or stocks without consulting your spouse or partner?
What feature would you most like after migration?
What would you most like to see us offer after our migration ? Pick the most important feature.
What's most important from a financial adviser?
What do you value in a financial adviser/financial portal - good advice or low cost services?
Have equity markets run out of steam?
With recession, deficit worries, and Japan slipping into economic slowdown is it the end of the good time for stock markets?
Do you get the wrong advice for insurance?
Do you think you get misleading or unprofessional advice from insurance agents?
Is Japan a trap for investors?
Does so much optimism on Japan from fund managers signal the end of depressed equity prices? Or is it wishful think on their part?
Record oil prices mean the end of the good times?
With oil prices hitting record highs is the world about to see the return of rising inflation coupled with falling economic growth?
Is the recent interest rate rise a good sign?
The US Fed just raised its target for the federal funds rate by 25 bps to 1.25%. Is that a confirmation of a world economic recovery?
Time to sell China?
"To get rich is glorious," said the late Deng Xiaoping but is the Chinese economy turning into a bubble economy?
Are you confident in Singapore's fund regulation?
With the scandals in the U.S., do you feel that Singapore has done a sufficient job in regulating funds?
Why did you really make your last investment?
Investing is a mixture of planning and logic but usually comes with a large dose of emotion: fear or greed. Think about why you made your last investment, and be totally honest!
How do you save for you children's education?
If you are a parent, or prospective parent, planning to send your child/children to university overseas, what strategies do you adopt for funding these future costs?
How will CPF cuts affect the local stock market?
The widely signaled CPF cuts look like reducing business costs, but at the same time lowering consumer spending. Do you think overall this will translate to a drop in the Singapore stock market?
Are you willing to pay performance fees?
CEO’s get a bundle of options for good share performance, top movie stars get a cut of ticket sales, and footballers get meaty bonuses for winning titles. So should fund managers be compensated directly according to how well their fund performs?
Has the bond bubble burst?
Some analysts are comparing the bond market today to where the Nasdaq was in early 2000. What's your view?
Are stocks on the way up?
Equities have hit their highest levels in months this week. Is this the start of a prolonged bull run for stocks?
How is SARS affecting you financially?
SARS is the latest crisis affecting Singapore and Asia. What financial actions will you take to manage your personal situation? Choose the statement that best matches your attitude.
Are you re-thinking your retirement plans?
Over the last 3-5 years the STI has come down 20-40%, and private residential properties have dropped around 35% since their 1997 peak. What's the impact on your retirement?