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Which feature gets your vote?
If you could choose any one of these possible new features at dollarDEX which one would be your top choice?
CPFIS: what fee cap?
Should the current 3% limit for sales charges for funds under CPFIS be lower, and if so, how low?
Swine flu: danger or hype?
Is swine flu a threat to the world economy or an exaggeration by the world's media?
Poll: Do you admit your losses?
Almost all investors have had some losses over the last 12 months. What do you tell others about your losses?
Poll: 5 stages of investing grief
Commentators have mapped the well-known five stages of grief as they might apply to investors. Where do you currently fit on the 5-stage scale?
Poll: How long will the recession last?
Ben Bernanke said there is a reasonable prospect that the current recession will end in 2009 and that 2010 will be a year of recovery. How long do you think the recession will last?
Guaranteed products: hit or miss?
In the last downturn fund managers and banks came out with guaranteed products with capital protection. We may see another wave of these, but are they the right products now?
What's your outlook for 2009?
A new US president and a new year are coming. What's your outlook for the stock market in 2009?
What's your share strategy now?
Are you staying out of equities now, gradually going in, or aggressively picking up cheap stocks?
Have we just seen the bottom of the market?
Is the worst of the stock market falls due to the global credit crisis over?
What's your cash strategy for safety?
With nervous investors holding or switching into cash, the question is: where do you put your cash?
Have we hit the bottom yet?
Have stock markets finally passed a low-point or are things going to get worse?
What price will oil be by year end?
Forecasts vary from over US$200 a barrel to under $100. What's your forecast price for the end of 2008?
How often do you check your investments?
Research suggests that checking your portfolio too frequently can cause panicky decision making. How often do you check your investments?
Time to get back into stocks?
"The worst of the crisis in Wall Street is over", Warren Buffett recently said, and arch pessimist George Soros admitted, "I may well be proven wrong". Is it now time to get back into equities?
Are commodities the next bubble?
To some, the global commodities boom is just the latest mania. To others, the rise in prices is justified by increasing industrialisation.
Time to get back in the market?
Are we at a market bottom? Though the drag on the US economy from housing is not over, there has been enough good news recently to support the bulls.
Sell, hold or buy equities?
In light of the stock market's recent volatility, what is your current strategy?
What's the outlook for stocks in 2007?
What is the outlook for stock markets in 2007?
Why do investors pay high sales charges at banks?
Why do many Singaporeans still pay up to 5% sales charges on their investments at banks?