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Transfer your holdings

Why not consolidate your investment portfolio in one place by transferring your unit trusts to dollarDEX? This will help save time monitoring your funds and you will also benefit from lower costs. We have made the process as simple and easy as possible. Leave all the paperwork to us and all you need to do is to sign the forms and mail them back. Transfers usually take around 4 weeks for holdings bought using CPF/SRS and 6-8 weeks for those bought using cash. For CPF transfers make sure you have already met the prevailing CPF account minimums.

How to Transfer Funds?

Check that your existing unit trust funds can be transferred to dollarDEX by clicking here.
Make sure you have an active dollarDEX investment account to transfer funds into.
If not, you will need to open an account with us to begin. Click here to open an account.
Email with your latest statement of holdings, NRIC (front & back)/passport details
and dollarDEX account number.
We'll complete the necessary forms and mail them back to you for your signature.
Once signed, send the forms back to us in the return envelope provided.
Send forms to:

Service Team
dollarDEX Investments
4 Shenton Way #01-01 SGX Centre 2
Singapore 068807
Most common mistakes to avoid
  • Statement print-outs that don’t include your name
  • Statements not up-to-date (must be less than one month old)