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Buy signal

To help investors identify relatively under-valued sectors or single-country equity investments, possibly as a factor in a buy decision. The tool uses a unique value-based technique* to reveal short-term "excessive" under-performance on speculative investments. Use it in tandem with your own short-term profit goals (for example, price targets which can be set from your portfolio statement). You may also enter past dates, to see if the tool would have signaled a buy at previous points in time.

IMPORTANT: If the tool indiates a buy signal it means that sector might be under-valued relative to global equity markets. It does not imply we are recommending that particular fund. A "moderate buy" signal represents a moderate conviction that a sector is behind fundamentals, a "strong buy" signal represents a stronger conviction that the sector is behind fundamentals. The output from this tool should not be used in isolation; you should consider other factors before reaching a buy decision. Even when buy signals appear, there is a possibility that the sector will underperform broader markets for some time further, or that equity markets in general may fall further. Conversely, if broader markets themselves are under-valued this tool may not generate buy signals, as the technique relies on relative performance. In summary, use these signals as only one factor in your short-term trading decisions.

Results only generated for funds with sufficient track record, depending on date entered below. For portfolio re-balancing decisions try Online Adviser.

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