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Sell signal

To help investors identify relatively over-valued sectors or single-country equity investments, possibly as a factor in a sell decision. The tool uses a unique value-based technique* to reveal short-term "excessive" outperformance on speculative investments. Use it in tandem with your own short-term profit goals (for example, price targets which can be set from your portfolio statement). You may also enter past dates, to see if the tool would have signaled a sell at previous points in time.

IMPORTANT: If the tool indiates a sell signal it means that sector might be over-valued relative to global equity markets. A "moderate sell signal" represents a moderate conviction that a sector has got ahead of fundamentals, a "strong sell signal" represents a stronger conviction that the sector has got ahead of fundamentals. The output from this tool should not be used in isolation; you should consider other factors before reaching a sell decision. Even when sell signals appear, there is a possibility that the sector will outperform broader markets for some time further. Conversely, if broader markets themselves are overvalued this tool may not generate sell signals, as the technique relies on relative performance. In summary, use these signals as only one factor in your short-term trading decisions.

Results only generated for funds with sufficient track record, depending on date entered below. For portfolio re-balancing decisions try Online Adviser.

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