FAQ: What price do I buy or sell at?

The prices you see on our site are indicative only, based on the deal price of 2-3 working days ago. In other words, they are just a guide. Unit trusts sold in Singapore do not have real-time pricing. Most unit trusts deal on a forward basis, meaning prices are calculated at the end of the dealing day for that fund. If the fund invests in Europe or the US, there will be a greater delay because of the time difference. For this reason valuations usually appear in newspapers two days in arrears - so, for example, a Monday price will be printed on the Wednesday. Likewise on our site. As a client you will usually know your deal price (sent by email) within 2-3 working days.

All funds have a daily cut-off time (usually 1400hrs); investments made before this time are valued for that day (assuming payment is also cleared in time). Investors that miss the daily cut-off time will have their funds priced on the next business day (assuming payment is cleared too).

The fund summary page on our website (for example, click the link below for Aberdeen Pacific Equity Fund) will give you more details on the pricing mechanism for each fund including the Price frequency, Pricing basis, Dealing basis (subscriptions) and Dealing basis (redemptions).