FAQ: What are dollarDEX's charges?

NO sales charges, NO switching fees and NO platform fees.

If you are an investor in unit trusts then you might pay us through three possible mechanisms.

  • Sales charge: dollarDEX has no sales charge for all investment amounts.

  • Annual fee: dollarDEX earns a proportion of the annual management fee charged by the fund. Note this is not an additional fee (sometimes called a wrap fee), but a share of the fee deducted on a daily basis in the price of the fund -- our annual remuneration is not an extra cost to you. Our site shows the amount we earn as a percentage of the annual management fee.

    For example, if the annual fee is 1.5% and we earn 16.7% of that then we are receiving 0.25% each year that your investment remains with us. This fee received by distributors is sometimes called a trailer fee. In this example, if you were investing $10,000 net then we would earn $25 each year, assuming the investment remained level. Once you sell the fund we stop earning that fee. Most distributors will earn similar trailer fees (large distributors might earn more) which is intended to pay for client servicing.

  • Optional advice fee: dollarDEX may charge a fee for advisory services for which you have chosen. Note this is an additional fee but by default you will not incur it.
The following other charges apply:
  • Account opening: Free
  • Account maintenance: Free
  • Bounced cheques: SGD25 per trade
  • Rejected CPFIS/SRS trades due to client error: SGD25 per trade plus any market loss if levied by fund manager
  • Sales charges on unit trusts: See fee structure for investments.
  • Use of credit card for investment is currently not available
  • Advice fee: See fee structure for financial advice.
  • Cancelled trades (already sent by us to fund manager): SGD25 per trade
  • Cancelled trades (not yet sent by us to fund manager): Free
  • Transfer in of unit trust: No charge by dollarDEX. See transfer.
  • Transfer out of unit trust: SGD25 per set of transfers (may be waived at dollarDEX discretion)
  • Refund of unmatched or surplus payment: SGD25 per payment

All fees and charges subject to GST unless otherwise indicated, at prevailing GST rate. Above may be changed without notice.

Navigator and your CPFIS/SRS agent bank may levy fees too, you should check with Navigator and/or your bank on their current charges.