FAQ: What's the daily cutoff time?

We execute your sell, buy or switch trade if the following conditions are satisfied by the cutoff time of 1400* hours:
  • Payment received. The general principle is we need your payment before we place a buy order with the fund manager. For cheques, that means when they are physically received. For electronic transfers such as Internet, that means when we see your transfer in our custodian account, and have identified it as yours by your reference number. We also need to wait for payment for CPF OA-IA, SA-IA and SRS-IA trades which require 1-2 working days to fetch your money before a buy order is executed.
  • Investment account opened. We must have received your signed account opening form and NRIC/passport photocopy (both sides). You will know your account has been opened when you get the related email confirmation. Normally, there is no need to mail forms or paperwork for trades if your account is already opened.
Examples: If you have already opened an account and you are paying by SRS (so no need to send cash), then just placing your trade online is enough. If paying with cash, and you place your trade at 1300hrs but we don't receive your cheque till 3 days later your deal date will be 3 days later too. If timing is an issue you might consider using our cash management account.

If the day is not a working day, then your trade will be placed on the next working day.

Note that the price and number of units will be known 2 to 3 working days later (depends on fund), via email.

* Important: We don't guarantee this is synchronised exactly with any offical time, the time is according to our server clock. Transactions placed very close to the cutoff time may be executed on a different day to what the investor might expect according to his or her own clock. Note also the cutoff may be earlier and/or subject to additional conditions on eve of holidays or on other days, and multiple cutoff times may apply. As far as possible, we will announce on our home page variations to these usual timings. Since it is possible that fund managers vary their cutoff times without informing or consulting with dollarDEX we don't guarantee the timing of any individual transaction. The above information should be considered a guideline only.