Privacy and security

We sometimes ask you for a lot of information when you open an account, place an order or request for a quotation. This is needed by dollarDEX to establish the beneficial owner of your account and/or is used by our partner financial institutions to place an order, or to give you a useful quotation.

All information you enter in our site is kept in the strictest confidence and is not made available to third parties without your permission (unless required by law). Our custodians will have access to your data when it relates to custody of investments on your behalf.

Information you enter for quotations on third-party products (such as home loans) is passed to the financial institutions you select. No financial institution has access to your information unless it relates to a service that you have expressly requested.

We also collect information on the traffic generated by or customers. We may use and potentially sell this information, but only on an aggregate basis, so your identity is not revealed.

From time to time we may email you information such as new products and services from dollarDEX or our partners. You can unsubscribe to these notices in the email messages we send you.

dollarDEX is protected by industry-standard "secure sockets layer" (SSL) technology.

You can see this technology at work at critical parts of the site, such as when you fill in an online application form on dollarDEX to purchase financial products. SSL is evident in the image of a lock shown usually at the bottom of your screen.

You can pay by credit card on dollarDEX; we simply pass your credit card information securely to our partner financial institutions.

We understand that you may be concerned about paying over the Internet, so you can also pay by cheque in most situations. Unless you are paying for advice you should always make cheques payable directly to the associated product provider or custodian, not to dollarDEX.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us so that we may be of service.