FAQ: When will I receive my dividends?

On our new fund administration platform, recent enhancement in dividend option now allow clients to choose between cash pay-out or reinvest, and this Income Strategy is controlled at your plan account level.

For plan accounts defaulted to "Reinvest", you may email cs@dollardex.com to change to "Natural Income", or cash pay-out.

Eligible funds with cash dividends will then be credited into your nominated bank account.

Q. When does Navigator receive dividends from the fund house?
We receive dividends from fund house on "Pay Date", shown in Corporate Action on AvivaOnline (AOL). If your login is inactive, you may perform a reset via AvivaOnline, and receive the ID/password via your registered email address.

Q. When will dividends be distributed to end-clients?
From "Pay Date", reconciliation needs to be done by Navigator Ops Team which usually takes 1-2 working days. This can be delayed if units cannot be reconciled, e.g. pending transfer out cases. After reconciliation completes, cash is then credited into individual client's accounts, into their Navigator Trust Account balance on AOL. Buying of units (for reinvestment) will then happen T+1 day later.