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Get a licensed representative of dollarDEX to give you unbiased, customized investment advice, through an online report.

  • A licensed adviser will construct your asset allocation, make fund recommendations, and discuss with you any questions.
  • Receive the associated Private Client Report, which documents your wealth management plan, including issues such as risk control, portfolio efficiency, downside loss, and fund selection. The report explains how to interpret our analysis, and how to implement your plan.
  • First time free to clients and potential clients. Subsequent advice if you choose to subscribe is charged as listed here.

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$188 for one advice report and follow up with adviser
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We are required by regulations to know whether any amount to be invested is a substantial portion of customer’s assets. Please choose the option that fits your situation best.
Investment horizon*:
Risk appetite*:
Approximate value of your portfolio you wish to protect in worst case scenario.
Protection through holding power (choose for long term portfolios)
The percentage above effectively represents the portion of the portfolio that is safeguarded by lower risk assets. The protection method will only work over the complete investment horizon if you regularly re-balance your portfolio according to our advice. The protection level is not guaranteed; during severe market downturns such as October 2008 it may provide partial protection. For any horizon longer than around 5 years we suggest not to specify explicit protection. Instead, enjoy the benefits of your holding power (riding through market downturns) as this will provide better upside potential.
Remember to set aside separate money for emergencies, which also allows you to take more risk on your main investments.
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