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Free platform, free investments and free switching

We offer VERY LOW CHARGES, as low as 0% sales charge on money market funds, 0% on selected bond and equity funds, and 0% on switching of funds.

Also there are no advice fees for first-timers and free CPF investments for those who qualify for Private Client+ status.

Best of all, freedom from PLATFORM FEES that deduct from your investments quarter after quarter.
Five things not to do now

Five things investors shouldn’t do when there is lots of bad news around, and markets appear to be on the verge of a crash.
Transfer here, get a gift
Transfer your funds and receive up to $200 in shopping vouchers.

No charge to transfer but must be completed by 31 Dec 2015 to qualify for the gift.

Introduce a friend

Introduce a colleague, friend, or family member, and both of you enjoy a free trade!

Yes! 0% sales charge on any single trade up to $100,000 on a fund of your choice.

VAP: a  powerful tool
Value averaging plans (VAP) allow regular but smart investments.

They automatically invest more when markets are lower, and less when markets are higher.
SRS: Less tax, 0% promo
Don't forget to make an SRS contribution before the end of this year.

After that you can invest your SRS contribution here at dollarDEX at 0%.

Time to revisit Europe?
Now could be a good time to move back into European stocks.

We highlight two funds that give exposure to European equities.
To preserve principal value and maintain a high degree of liquidity while producing returns comparable to that of Singapore Dollar savings deposits. The Fund invests primarily in short term, high quality money market instruments and debt securities, which may include government and corporate bonds, commercial bills and deposits with financial institutions.
1-year gain +0.65%
Risk level Low
Asset class Cash Mgmt