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BNP Paribas L1 Bond World
Bid / Offer price: SGD 504.54291 / NA (18-Jul-2012)
Prices shown are indicative and are usually based on prices of 2-4 dealing days earlier, and may not be exactly the price used for individual trades. Prices and returns on this page may be based on a reference price in a different currency to that of the fund dealing price. Returns experienced by individual clients may differ from those shown below. Clients should not rely on these prices for decision making. Fund prices provided by third-parties. dollarDEX does not guarantee any prices or valuations shown, and accepts no responsibility for their accuracy.
Fund description
This subfund invests at least 2/3 of its assets in investment-grade debt securities issued on the international market and denominated in various currencies and in derivative financial instruments on this type of asset. It may also invest a maximum of 1/3 of its assets in any other transferable securities, money market instruments, derivatives or cash, provided the investments in convertible bonds or bonds with options do not exceed 25% of its assets and those in shares or similar equity securities or participation rights do not exceed 10% of its assets and those in UCITS or UCI 5% of its assets.
Fund manager / marketing agent
BNP Paribas Asset Management (S) Ltd moreoverview
Fund performance

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Indicative performance based on NAV provided by third-parties. Generally, performance includes dividends and splits since 1/1/03, if any. Does not include effect of sales charges, if any. Returns experienced by individual clients may differ from those shown below. Clients should not rely on these performance numbers for decision making. dollarDEX does not guarantee any performance numbers, and accepts no responsibility for their accuracy. Clients should check with the manager of the fund for the actual performance numbers.

Performance period
Since 12/Feb/2007
1-week 1-month 6-month 1-year 3-year Since
Return (%) 0.294 0.052 0.719 5.861 2.429 7.149
Annualized return (%)       5.861 0.803 0.915
Annual volatility (%)       8.957 6.777 5.206
Sharpe ratio+       0.621 0.045 -0.016
Worst Monthly Loss (%)     2.437 2.437 3.021 4.283
Worst Annual Loss (%)         5.985 5.985
Maximum drawdown (%) What is this?          
Highest bid/NAV price         512.85144 515.41780
Lowest bid/NAV price         486.64112 146.91000
Generally, high positive Sharpe ratios indicate superior risk-adjusted performance. Ranking of funds according to negative Sharpe ratios can be unreliable.
Since start means from start of data available to dollarDEX and may not coincide with inception of fund.
Fund performance over the last 3 year. For more charts, returns and prices, click here.
Fund details
Some information here is from fund prospectus, factsheet or fund house and is correct to the best of our knowledge. However, clients must refer to latest fund prospectus for definitive information relating to the fund. This information here is not guaranteed and should not be relied on for any investment decision.
Price frequency Daily
Pricing basis Forward
Dealing basis (subscriptions) What is this? T+0
Dealing basis (redemptions) What is this? T+0
Type Active
Sector All
Asset class Bond
Asset sub-class Mixed
Region Global Peer funds
Launch price SGD 1.00000
Price currency [5] SGD
Payment currency SGD
Investment type Cash only
Risk (volatility) What is this? Medium Low
Annual management/service fee [1] 0.750%
Latest bid/NAV price SGD 504.54291 (18-Jul-2012)
Latest offer price NA
Bid price changes from last available price -0.23%
Benchmark NA

Total of fixed annual managment and service fees. Check fund prospectus for details including variable performance fees, if any, which may not be included here.
Your exact charge depends on your balance at dollarDEX and payment method. See fee structure for definitions and exceptions. Non-SGD funds may include an additional processing fee charged by dollarDEX.
Illustrative approximate saving per $10,000 invested at dollarDEX lowest sales charge compared with the same fund bought elsewhere at prospectus maximum sales charge.
Guideline only. See our pricing scheme for exact terms & conditions.
Usually same as fund dealing currency (refer to prospectus). Some funds have a SGD reference price used by Navigator.
Charges exclude GST.