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dollarDEX charges for investments and advice
Our pricing reflects our belief that successful investments come from receiving good advice and keeping investment costs low. We offer sales charges as low as 0%, and free switching. Advice, with our focus on risk management, is an optional extra.

If you want to see the specific charge for a fund, please use the links at the bottom of this page under Related services.

1. Usual maximum sales charge at dollarDEX, as a general guideline only. Exceptions do apply, and the sales charge could be up to the maximum indicated in the fund prospectus. Exceptions include: payment by credit card; when fund prospectus or fund manager requires a higher minimum charge; during new fund launches; funds in currencies other than SGD; specialised products for accredited investors; other situations. Other additional transactional or performance-related fees may also apply, levied by fund manager, custodian or dollarDEX. Check prospectus and fund summary page at dollarDEX. The charge calculation requires you to sign in, and is usually dependent on your client category, payment method, prevailing GST rate and/or special promotional rates that may apply from time to time. Because charges for each investment are customised for each client the actual charge can only be shown in the confirmation page before a transaction is made. If in doubt, please contact us before you invest.

2. The actual switch fee is calculated using the difference in dollarDEX standard sales charges of the two funds to be switched, and seeing whether you are going from high-to-low or low-to-high. For example, going from a fund which has a standard sales charge of 1.5% to another fund which has a standard sales charge of 1.5% will cost 0% as there is no difference in standard sales charge; going from a fund which has a standard sales charge of 1.5% to a fund which has a standard sales charge of 0.5% will cost 0% as this is high-to-low; switching from a fund which has a standard sales charge of 0% will be the full sales charge of the new fund; switching from a fund which has a standard sales charge of 0.5% to a fund which has a standard sales charge of 1.5% will cost 1.0% as this is low-to-high. The number of free switches may be varied from time to time but is currently 20 per customer per quarter (50 per quarter for Private Client+). Switches done beyond this quota will be charged at the higher of 1% or the difference in the standard sales charge of the two funds to be switched. Switches done under VAP are excluded from the quota count.

3. Unless indicated these are annual rates, billed quarterly. Optional services require you to activate the service. By default you will NOT be opted-in to these services. Any fee will be charged in advance on a quarterly basis, or part thereof, on your portfolio size based on the end-of-quarter valuation as calculated by dollarDEX, subject to rounding as appropriate (example: fees for 3Q will be based on balance at end June). Fees will be deducted via your nominated credit card. The first deduction will cover fees in advance from time of subscription to the service to the end of the next quarter, based on the portfolio size at the time of subscription. Subsequently you will be charged in advance for the following quarters. There is a minimum charge period of one quarter. Any failed payment will cause you to be immediately unsubscribed.

4. Portfolio size calculated by looking at total investments held via dollarDEX including 100% money market funds, cash balance and 100% transferred units. Based on current, confirmed holdings but original amount of investments. For example, an investment of $70,000 that drops to $66,000 because of market movements will still count as $70,000. But if client sells 50% of the holdings it will count as $35,000. Clients whose portfolio size drops below the qualifying amount will drop down to the applicable client category and will pay fees and charges according to those applicable in the new category. For example, if your investments via dollarDEX were $60,000 and you redeemed $50,000 you would lose your Private Client status and your sales charge would be up to 1.5% on your next investment. Holdings not yet fully confirmed and completed are not counted. For example, if your holdings are $40,000 and you have a pending, unconfirmed investment of $15,000 your portfolio size will be counted as $40,000 until the $15,000 investment has the price and number of units confirmed.

5. CPF and SRS investments are automatically transacted under the CPFIS Investment Administrator scheme. This potentially cuts down on the amount of agent bank fees you need to pay when investing CPF/SRS money. More details in the link below.

6. Credit card may be used online for most funds but sales charge discounts are lower (up to 2.5% lower).

7. RSP (Regular Savings Plan) sales charges are based on the prevailing fee structure and client portfolio size at the point the monthly investments are auto-generated by our system, which is around three weeks before the transaction date.

8. Navigator (a separate, licensed firm that holds client units and processes payments) may charge separate and additional fees to clients for services not provided by dollarDEX, such as custodial services for unit trusts bought at dollarDEX. Please check the most up-to-date scheme on or call 6827 7555. dollarDEX does not receive any share of these fees and has no control over Navigator's charges. Moreover, dollarDEX cannot guarantee anything relating to Navigator's offerings, service levels, or fees either now or in future. Clients may login to Navigator to check holdings (the login Id is different from a dollarDEX Id). Clients may call the Navigator hotline at 6827 7555 for assistance on Navigator's services.

9. Reports bought as a package may be requested anytime, and do not have to be at regular intervals. For example, if you buy four reports you could request one now, and then the remaining three over the next three quarters. Or you could get one report now, another in six months, then the remaining two when you receive your bonus, or when your risk appetite changes. Another variation is to have reports every two months, which might be useful if you are concerned with tightly controlling your mix of assets.

dollarDEX reserves the right to change its fees, terms and conditions without notice.

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Page last updated 20 Jun 2013

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Navigator is separate from dollarDEX and provides custodial services to clients of dollarDEX.
FAQ: Do we add GST?
Our listed charges are before GST.
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If you use a non-IA distributor, and purchase funds from different fund houses, each fund house will withdraw monies from your CPFIS Investment account separately. You incur CPF agent bank charges for each separate withdrawal. With dollarDEX, you need not incur those additional charges.